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I was suffering from Trigeminal Neuralgia for 8 years, before I got operated from Dr. Panchawagh. He performed Micro-Vascular Decompression to relieve me of my pain.That was the best decision I have taken in the last many years. My pain vanished on the same evening of the surgery and I am now back to my normal self. I am experiencing a feeling of rebirth and my life has become meaningful once again. I am writing this with the intention of informing many trigeminal neuralgia patients about the experience that I had. If my experience can help even a single patient, I would feel fulfilled!

Sanjay Charpe

I suffered from facial twitching of the left side of the face for three years before I met Dr Jaydev Panchwagh. He diagnosed it as Hemifacial Spasm and offered me a surgical solution. Up until then, I was only told that there was no treatment and that I had to learn to live with it. I had got resigned to living a lonely life without much social interaction, till I was relieved of my problem by Dr Panchawagh. He performed Micro-Vascular Decompression on me and it was such a dramatic difference that I felt more enthusiastic and energetic than ever before. I certainly am happy that I made the decision of getting operated, and I would urge more people who suffer from Hemifacial spasm to consider it. I think being a woman and being forced to live at home because of this embarrassing disorder made me disturbed, and I am thankful for this second lease of life!

Mrs. Nutan Rajendra Budhale

Smt Pathak, who was diagnosed to have a very large brain tumour narrates her experience in her own words: ”When Dr. Jaydev Panchawagh told me about the tumour, i was very nervous initially. I had a brain tumour and that too a very large one! This tumour was a very large ‘meningioma’, a benign tumour was located in and stuck to critical structures in the brain. In front, it was stuck to a large blood vessel known as the ‘vein of galen’ which drains blood from the central-most important part of the brain. Below, it was partly adherent to ‘mid brain’ which is a very important and critical part: the smallest damage here can cause instant threat to life. The tumour was stuck behind to yet another large blood channel known as ‘the torcula.”


Dr Panchawagh adds: In the past, such tumours were dreaded and anybody who survived such an operation was considered lucky. Such large brain tumours are rare and need modern neurosurgical techniques to remove them completely. The remarkable point in this patient was not only the fact that it was massive in size but was located in an eloquent area of brain. Mrs Pathak says: The first thought in my mind was …….”Why me?” I was afraid of being invalid after such a difficult surgery, but Dr Panchawagh and his team reassured me. I was pleasantly surprised when i was made to walk on the very next day following surgery. My pre-operative headache was totally gone and except for a little discomfort at the operation site, I had no problems at all.

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Smt Pathak


The story of kunal chorge as told by his mother...
My son, who is 18 years old, is a healthy youngster. It was on a fateful day that he got up with a headache. Initially I thought that it could be because of the fact that he was studying for his exams and was staying up till late hours in the night. However, the headache escalated in severity and he started feeling giddy. He also had series of vomits and became progressively drowsy. It was then that I was alarmed and we quickly shifted him to the hospital. My nephew contacted Dr Panchawagh, a renowned neurosurgeon in Pune. He had operated on one of our relatives successfully for spinal problem. Luckily, Dr Panchawagh was not performing any operation at that particular hour and could answer our frantic phone call. He came rushing to the casualty and saw Kunal. By that time, Kunal had become unconscious. In fact, I could see that his breathing was becoming laborious and he was slipping into coma. A tube was immediately inserted into his wind-pipe, for artificial breathing and he was shifted to the CT scan suite. Dr Panchawagh called us to the CT scan premises. He told us that Kunal had a small tumor called ‘colloid cyst’ in the central part of his brain. It was so critically located that the natural flow of the brain-water (CSF) was getting obstructed. As this obstruction had happed very rapidly, the brain tension had risen sky high and there was danger to his life. Dr Panchawagh explained these things patiently but rapidly and I could sense the urgency. “We will be performing a small surgery first”, he told us, “we will drill a small hole in Kunal’s skull and drain the brain water to relieve the tension. However, the water will form again in the next 4 hours and we will have to remove the tumor in that time window.” I am thankful to the entire doctor’s team that gave me the much-needed confidence and reassurance. Kunal was operated as told to us and he made a miraculous recovery in the next week or so. I am eternally grateful to Dr Panchawagh and his team not only for the skill in operating on Kunal but more for their kindness and the ability of giving us the much needed reassurance.”


Kunal Chorge


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