About Dr.Jaydev Panchawagh

Dr. Jayadev Panchawagh

  • Brain and Spine surgeon practising in the city of PUNE in the state of Maharashtra, India.
  • Has been active in the field of Neurosurgery for the past more than 20 years, from the days of his internship.
  • During his general surgery training, worked for 2 years as Neurosurgery registrar as an additional responsibility, at the KING EDWARD MEMORIAL HOSPITAL, PUNE, INDIA, when he conducted a study on the Stereotactic Brain Biopsies and Interventions.
  • Dr. Jayadev Panchwagh wrote a thesis on the accuracy of the first Indian made Stereotaxy system after performing 80 cases on this system.(which established the accuracy of this system statistically for the first time.
  • After completing his MS (General Surgery), worked as Neurosurgery Senior Registrar at the Pune Institute of Neurology(PIN) for 6 months.
  • Joined the MCh course in Neurosurgery at the prestigious KING EDWARD MEMORIAL HOSPITAL, MUMBAI, INDIA. This department is one of busiest and oldest Neurosurgical Services in India and is well known for Vascular, Skull Base and Spinal Surgery. Here, he was trained for three years under Prof. (Dr.) Sunil Pandya, Prof. (Dr.) Atul Goel, Prof. (Dr.) Anil Karapurkar (Endovascular Interventional Neurosurgeon) and Prof. (Dr.) Ranjeet Nagpal.
  • Wrote a thesis on “The comparison between the anterior and the posterior surgical approaches for the treatment of cervical Spondylosis(100 cases).”
  • Conducted a project "Study of the perforators of the A1 segment of the ACA from the point of view of Aneurysm clipping-study on 20 Cadaveric Specimens"
  • Thus after a rigorous training for six and a half years in Neurosurgery, he worked as Associate (Junior) Consultant in Neurosurgery at the Pune Institute for Neurology and Neurosurgery for about a year.
  • He then worked with Prof. KVR Sastri (Chairman and Head Neurosurgery) at the NIMHANS (National Institute of Mental Health And Neurosciences), Bangalore for further training in Endoscopic and Vascular-Neurosurgery.
  • After this stint, he has been working as Consultant Neurosurgeon in the city of Pune since November 1999.
  • His main interest as well as keen focus lies in dealing with complex brain and spinal surgery.
  • He was trained by Prof. Gaab of Germany in Endoscopic Third Ventriculostomy (ETV), a technique which he started for the first time in Pune in the year 2000.
  • He has also spent time with Prof. Raabe at FRANKFURT, Germany to learn the technique of Intra-Operative Angiography on the Zeiss Pentero Microscope and with Prof. Volger Seifert to learn the technique of Neuronavigation and use of Intra-Operative MRI.
  • He was member of the team which conducted, for the first time in Pune, a Series of Lesioning Procedures for Parkinson's disease and other Movement Disorders.
  • He is a Founder and Chairman of the Synapse Brain and Spine Foundation. This foundation is active in giving a social dimension to scientific aspects of Neurosurgery as well as help neurosurgical needy patients.
  • He is recipient of the prestigious KWP excellence award for outstanding work in Neurosurgery in 2007
  • Till now he has been involved in management of over 10,000 neurosurgical cases.
  • Has National and International Publications on his name.
  • Recipient of the Prestigious "PUNYA GAURAV PURASKAR" for outstanding work in the field of Brain & Spine Surgery.
  • Apart from neurosurgery, Dr. Panchawagh is keenly interested in many activities that help him keep a good work-life balance.
  • He is an accomplished sitar player. He is a disciple of late Shri Sudhir Phadke (a renowned sitar player) who was in turn, a disciple of the world renowned maestro - Pandit Ravi Shankar.
  • Dr. Jaydeo Panchwagh is also an enthusiastic trekker, photographer, painter/sketch artist and an amateur cyclist.


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