Dr. Jaydev Panchawagh

Dr. Jaydev Panchawagh is a nationally renowned brain and spine surgeon in India. He has been active in the field of neurosurgery for the past 20 years. At present, he is Head Of Department of Neurosurgery at Deenanath Mangeshkar Hospital and Research Centre, Pune,which is a 1000 bedded Super specialty Hospital and is one of the largest private institutions in Maharashtra, India.

He has successfully treated many patients for challenging and complicated neurological conditions like trigeminal neuralgia, hemifacial spasms, micro vascular decompression surgery, base of skull tumours, pituitary adenomas, intracranial aneurysms etc.

Dr. Panchawagh is a recipient of the prestigious KWP-excellence award for outstanding work in neurosurgery in 2007. Read More

Dr. Jaydev Panchawagh - Neurosurgery / Spine Surgery at Pune, India

The human nervous system consists of the Brain and the Spinal cord. Neurosurgery is a branch of medicine that deals with the surgical treatment of problems or diseases affecting the brain, the spine and the nervous system in general. The purpose of this neurosurgery website from Dr. Jaydev Panchawagh (a.k.a Jaideo / Jayadev / Jaidev Panchwagh) is to educate the public about common neurosurgical diseases of the brain and spine like brain tumours, aneurysms, trigeminal neuralgia, hemifacial spasms, sciatica, spondylosis, radiculopathy, as well as surgeries like micro vascular decompression (MVD), craniotomy, endoscopies, fixation, vertebroplasty etc. It is also sought to bring to their attention and knowledge, the various diagnostic investigations that may be done, the latest techniques and medical treatment available.

Whereas in other parts of the body, the organ affected becomes painful and it becomes obvious even to the lay person that there is something wrong, it is not the case with diseases of the brain and spine. The symptoms of neurosurgical disorders are frequently far removed from the site of the disease and the patient is not likely to be aware they may originate in the brain or the spine. One of the main objectives of this website is therefore to demystify neurosurgery.

Patient Education

Most people do not understand neurosurgical terms like trigeminal neuralgia, hemifacial spasms and so on. Instead, they comprehend simple, self-explanatory terms like facial twitches, repeated twitching / contractions of facial muscles. In this section, we attempt to educate patients about neurosurgical conditions in simple terms that even a layperson can understand. Read More ...

Brain Surgery


Dr. Panchawagh specializes in treating conditions like trigeminal neuralgia (shooting pain in face), hemifacial spasms (facial twitches / contractions), brain tumours, intracranial aneurysms, pituitary tumours and other neurological issues.

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Spine Surgery


The spine is an important part of the body that helps us perform various movements which we take for granted. When things go wrong with the spine, there is pain and restriction of movement. Dr. Jaydev treats neurological disorders of the spine like lumbar disc herniation, spondylosis, spondylolisthesis, myelopathy, radiculopathy, fracture-dislocations, Spinal Koch’s and many other conditions.

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Synapse Brain and Spine Foundation

Synapse Brain & Spine Foundation

This charitable foundation founded by Dr Panchawagh works for the financially weak section of patients who need critical brain or spine surgeries. It is also committed to spreading the knowledge about neurosurgical disorders in the society.

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Centres of Excellence

  • Trigeminal Neuralgia
  • Hemifacial Spasms
  • Brain Surgery
  • Spine Surgery



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